November 2023 - ON MAUI

My Journey Supporting Maui Residents and Small Businesses

By Kalani Ho-Nakiado l November 2023

Ahui hou Maui! It was truly heartwarming to be in Maui, witnessing the strength of community in the face of adversity.

I share in your heartbreak and stand inspired by your resilience.

PIKO, a non-profit 501(c)3 on a mission to strengthen small businesses from the inside out stands ready to support Maui Residents in their next chapter– whatever it may look like.

Because at PIko, we know there is no perfect experience waiting to hold space for your and your business. We challenge the common barriers for entrepreneurs - waiting for a big budget, perfecting a concept, or assembling a large team. We help business owners get into the game and perfect their systems and stabilize their teams.

Here is a symbol of our ingenuity and tenacity! It looks like this sign: two bungee cords, sign posts, and a whole lot of wind. Well, in the spirit of PIKO – done is better than perfect and I used a balloon in the puka to keep one side of the bungee open, and on the other side, a small sign acted as a spreader. Fingers crossed that the wind stayed steady, and we persevered and were so happy to talk to so many Maui Residents.

The successful business has a team of support, and now we are building that team through the Maui Strong Training Program.

The road ahead might be tough, but if we keep moving forward, take it one day at a time, and honor our feelings when it gets overwhelming, I believe we can rise above this moment.

We're all in this together, and I promise you, in five years, things will be better. I'll be back this summer, and remember, I'm just a zoom away.

November 2023

PIKO is coming to Maui

By Kalani Ho-Nakiado l November 2023

Field Trip!

PIKO is coming to Maui to attend two jobs fairs and host two open houses. Our mission? To find our 20 lucky participants for our  Strong Training Program!

Where will we be?
Come meet us in person to find out more information about how you can create a location-independent career in bookkeeping, marketing assistance, customer service, and office administration
--> Tuesday Friday 11/14-11/17 we will have a table at the Job Fair at CNHA.
--> Saturday, 11/ 18 we will have a table at the QKC Job Fair.

Additionally, I will be hosting TWO talk sessions that will explain how I've managed to create this possibility: (please RSVP in advance)
--> Saturday 11/18 6pm-8pm - West Maui 
--> Sunday 11/19 2pm-4pm - Wailuku 

I encourage all interested participants to connect in person, email my team at for more information, or RSVP for our open house by clicking here.

When you RSVP to one of our open houses, you will be looped into our email thread that will give you more information as we get closer to our open houses.

Why do we do what we do?

After the sudden loss of my husband five years ago, I needed to re-engineer my life and career to build into what I now call my "Most Beautiful Life."  As part of my journey the last five years, I have trained with the number 2 mindset and Personal Development Coach in the world and have become certified as a High-Performance Coach and a Business Made Simple Coach to augment my twenty year career as a senior financial leader in both public and private companies. I am the perfect person to walk you through this journey to finding your most beautiful life!

I look forward to helping you rebuild and chart a new path forward.


- Kalani Ho Nikaido

October 2023

Maui Strong Training Program: Keeping Maui People on Maui

By Kalani Ho-Nakaido l October 2023

We are thrilled to announce our exciting new program launching in December!

On August 8, 2023, Lahaina, Maui Hawaii, my beloved childhood town, was devastated by one of the deadliest fires in our nation's history. The tragic loss of life was accompanied by the destruction of countless homes, businesses, and jobs. The recovery and rebuilding process will undoubtedly span several years. The heart and soul of any small town lie within its community, and Lahaina is home to many multi-generational families who form the foundation of its beautiful and enriching culture. I am eager to lend my support to the recovery efforts for many years to come.

PIKO, on a mission to empower small businesses from the inside out, has been granted funds from the Maui-Strong fund to hire, train, and actively employ individuals in order to create new location-independent career opportunities. Our goal is to keep Maui residents on the island, rather than being forced to seek job opportunities elsewhere.

For those residents of Maui who have been adversely affected by the fire, there is a remarkable opportunity for you to continue living and working in Lahaina. PIKO has developed a paid training program specifically designed to help those directly impacted by the fires on Maui build location-independent careers. Trainees will receive compensation while learning valuable skills in areas such as bookkeeping, virtual administrative assistance, sales/social media marketing, and customer service. The best part is that participants can complete the training and work from the comfort of their own computers, with ample one-on-one support provided. To register for one of our in-person open houses, please click here.

For business owners who are eager to contribute to the rebuilding of Maui, we are seeking new clients to support. In this initial phase, we are primarily focused on assisting with administrative tasks and bookkeeping, which often represent a small business owner's first hiring needs. If you are ready to take your business to the next level but find yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities, we would love to meet you and help you grow by providing one of our new team members. Let us know what kind of assistance you require by clicking here.

Over the past five years, we have been developing remote fractional work solutions and understand that not every company requires a full 40 hours per week of administrative or bookkeeping services. As a result, such tasks often go unattended.

This is precisely why we have created our Biz in a Box program, which offers comprehensive back-office support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. At PIKO, we help the business owner find time again in their schedule. We find, on average, 10-15 hours per week for our clients.

We are incredibly excited about this program and eagerly anticipate this wonderful new work we get to do with the people of Maui and businesses everywhere. If you know of anyone who could benefit from our program—whether they have been affected by the events in Maui or they are a business owner seeking additional support—please direct them to our website

Let's keep Maui People on Maui.

September 2023

Productivity HACK
VLOOKUP in Excel

By Kalani Ho-Nakaido l September 2023

Excel is a powerful tool that can streamline your data management tasks, and one of its most valuable functions is VLOOKUP. In this article, we'll walk you through the basics of using VLOOKUP to save time and make your spreadsheet work more efficient.

VLOOKUP is a function in Excel that allows you to search for a value in a table and return a corresponding value from the same row. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use VLOOKUP effectively:

1. Understand the Syntax: The basic syntax of VLOOKUP is =VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]).
- lookup_value: This is the value you want to look up, often referred to as the search key.
- table_array: This is the table where you want to search for your value.
- col_index_num: It specifies the column number from which you want to return a value.
- [range_lookup]: This is an optional argument. If you want an exact match, use "false," and if you want an approximate match, use "true."

2. Example Usage: Let's say you have a list of customers' favorite flavors in one column and their names in another. You want to find a customer's favorite flavor by searching for their name. In this case, your lookup_value is the customer's name, and the table_array is the table containing both names and flavors.

3. Using "false": As mentioned earlier, always use "false" when you want an exact match. This ensures that Excel finds an exact match for the lookup value in the table.

4. Pulling Down Data: Once you've entered the VLOOKUP formula, you can copy it down to apply it to all the customers in your list. Excel will automatically adjust the cell references to match each customer's name.

5. Saving Time: By using VLOOKUP, you can quickly populate favorite flavors for all your customers, saving you time on data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

In conclusion, VLOOKUP is a handy Excel function that can help you retrieve data efficiently and accurately. Whether you're managing customer data, inventory, or any other information in Excel, mastering VLOOKUP can make your spreadsheet tasks much smoother and more productive. So, the next time you're working on a spreadsheet, remember to use VLOOKUP to simplify your tasks and boost your Excel prowess. Happy spreadsheeting!

August 2023

How one school flourished when the world shut down.

By Kalani Ho-Nakaido l August 2023

Ka Hale Hoaka, an online school inspired by Hawai'i's language and traditions, was founded in a small “off-grid” home on the remote rural island of Molokaʻi. Opening just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the islands, its tiny staff was challenged with growing a new business under unthinkable conditions. That’s when co-founder Kumu Maile Naehu turned to Piko for coaching and training.

The new little school that could began with 400 online students who signed up for a complimentary online class during the first week of lockdown. Three years later, Ka Hale Hoaka is serving 15,000 students around the globe.

Through Piko, Ka Hale Hoakaʻs marketing manager Leiʻa Haff and her colleagues learned to establish a foundation that would support business growth in balance with their personal lives. The intuitive curriculum uses a holistic approach to building awareness of individual strengths and challenges by improving self-awareness and strengthening supportive communication skills in and outside of the workplace.

Burn-out is a risk in any workplace. But when your office is at home, and your team is working virtually from multiple locations, it’s easy to forget to “clock-out.” When the division between work and life disappears, overwork can trap you. The Piko program coaches team members to design a work-life balance that helps everyone to be more productive, efficient and happy while producing real results. Leaders learn to bring the best out in everyone while building morale, enthusiasm and workforce capacity.

Today, Ka Hale Hoaka continues to build upon the solid growth the team achieved during the pandemic. In just three years, the school has grown from from serving a small core of Hawaii households to schools, businesses and people of all ages around the world. Its financial success is super-charging its mission to get the Hawaiian language and culture into every home across the globe.

July 2023

Run your business: don't let your business run you!

By Kalani Ho-Nakaido l July 2023

When pastry chefs Jean-Claude Perrenou and G. Sabaratnam co-founded Cannelle Patisserie in 2007, they wanted to parlay their years of baking expertise into a new business dedicated to excellence and community. Rave reviews from customers confirmed their baking brilliance, but they soon learned their recipe for business management was falling flat.

Early on, the new entrepreneurs made mistakes in establishing an efficient operating structure with the right office talent. Their delectable pastries generated robust sales, so money was coming in, but their inexperience at business management meant they eventually found themselves in debt to the IRS while facing the problems of an unexpected pandemic.

That’s when Cannelle Patisserie reached out to the Nailena Consulting Group and Kalani Ho-Nikaido. She immediately combined her accounting and research expertise to establish a new organizational starting point. She immediately modernized their organization by upgrading their accounting and point of sale systems to cloud based systems that would streamline their operations and improve visibility to key data points so they could continue to grow their business. The improved systems and workflow allowed the pastry chefs to work their kitchen magic instead of wasting time searching for paperwork in a disorganized office.

With the financial records straightened out, Nailena Consulting was able to help Cannelle smooth out its cash flow, pay vendors on time, and get rid of longstanding debt. With solid financial records, Kalani was able to help the owners successfully apply for COVID-related business relief funds. Over time, she was advised and assisted on structuring and staffing to support the hardworking pastry chefs. She also eased their anxieties about the sometimes painful side of change.

The Nailena Consulting Group helped Cannelle Patisserie to ascend to the next level while operating two successful locations in Jackson Heights and Long Island City in New York. Jean Claude highly recommends other small business owners to make a similar investment by hiring The Nailena Consulting Group. “I wish I’d hired Kalani ten years ago when we first opened,” he explains. “For the short term and for the long run, it's a very good investment. My life is much more balanced now. I can definitely go on vacation more often because I know we're in good hands.”

june 2023

Striving for your balance while keeping your art thriving!

By Kalani Ho-Nakaido l June 2023

Tara B Designs, was founded by Maui-born artist/designer Tara Bouchard, to create immersive art experiences that reveal one’s soul connections to nature. She describes her art and business philosophy with three words--- pause, listen, and connect. She believes by living in the moment and feeling the energies, she is guided to the next steps.

Yet, after a decade of creating and sharing her art with others, she found the chaos of creativity was not fully achieving her business and life goals. She wanted to move forward faster without sacrificing her artistic vision. As an artist, Tara doesn’t work “office hours” because creativity never clocks out, yet as a business owner, she wanted the structural discipline required to succeed.

That’s when she was guided to the Piko program. Tara discovered a unique program that met her where she was at. She got much, much more than a list of things to do, she also enjoyed the structural, practical and emotional support she needed to take the next steps, in the right order. By establishing key business fundamentals, she is now better able to focus on her artwork while maintaining a healthier work-life balance.

More importantly, her progress aligns with her desire to grow organically--both as an artist and as an entrepreneur. Piko is helping her to build a successful business alongside her development as a person. This is essential to Tara because, as an artist, she is the living expression of her brand.

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