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transform your life by learning a high demand job that meets you in the way your life works
We provide in-demand skills training and help people find phenomenal jobs! 

"Mothers who can work remotely are 32% less likely to say they intend to leave their jobs" - Catalyst, June 2021

WHO not HOW!
Every great entrepreneur needs a team to help them bring their dreams to reality. Visionaries have groundbreaking ideas, integrators make those ideas a reality (Gino Wickman). Our training will help give you the skills to become an integral part of the success of the company.
Office Manager Training Program
Jumpstart a new career that is designed around the way your life works
Here's what it can practically look like:
  • Accurate & Timely Bookkeeping.
  • Create Value Improve process workflows creating value and saving time for the Business Owner.
  • Manage the compliance calendar with ease every business runs on a similar fiscal calendar, we will map out what those are so you can proactively plan your annual work cycle.
  • If the boss grows, you grow!  The more you learn to take on the more you can grow!
  • Learn the latest technology and efficiency hacks so you can work smarter and not harder.
  • Not pre-recorded.  Live Zoom trainings with by weekly Q&A with the instructor.
  • Community. You wonʻt have to navigate alone because you will forever be part of the OM Graduate Community.   
Design a financially sustainable life that you love!
work / life balance
COVID has turned our schedules upside down we need to have the flexibility to pivot when schools change the schedule at the last minute.  
provide value
We will teach you how to provide incredible value and service to your company. It is such an amazing feeling to help move the mission forward. 
you are not alone
The office manager position is typically a very isolated position and you usually have to fend for yourself.  Become part of a community of peers to look for resources and constant learning.  

Our employer Partners

PIKO works with local businesses of all sizes to meet their hiring and training goals

How We Help
With PIKO, you can fulfill your business needs while helping people get back to work with the right training.  It is our mission to provide your Office manager the skills needed to help free up the business owner to lead the organization forward. 
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